Can I smoke a joint on the street in Barcelona?

Don’t smoke on the streets
It can be very tempting to feel like you’ve discovered the cannabis mecca when you arrive in Barcelona. The fact is you haven’t though. Much like in Amsterdam it is illegal to spark up in the streets. Unlike Amsterdam though the police in Barcelona will take great pleasure in busting you for having a fat spliff hanging from your mouth. Don’t risk the huge fines. Smoke weed in the cannabis clubs or in the privacy of someone’s home – not on the street.

Don’t have weed one you
Ok, this one is a little harder. You probably want to find a tasty weed strain and keep it on you for a later visit. No one likes to throw their weed away or only buy a single spilff every time you visit a cannabis club. It is illegal to have it on you when you are in public though so you need to be careful. I’ve seen the police search someone on a bike for riding on the pavement in Barcelona. The police here are very active and seem to be everywhere. If you are going to buy weed in Barcelona, keep it in your underwear. The police need a warrant to search under your clothes. Or just be extra careful that you don’t give the police a reason to search you when you are carrying weed.

It is okay to leave a club under the influence of cannabis. However, possession and use of cannabis outside of the establishment are illegal. If you don’t have time to use all of your weed at the club, we recommend leaving it there for safekeeping and consuming it on your next visit. It’s a risk to take it with you. Yet, if you still decide to take cannabis with you, hide it in your undergarments. If you are stopped and subjected to a search, the police can’t make you undress completely — they need a warrant to do that.

Yes, you can get the cannabis out of the club. You are protected by the Spanish Constitutional Law when you are in private spaces, but on the street or in other public areas, you are not. Therefore, if you leave a Barcelona cannabis club with marijuana products in your possession, you should ALWAYS carry these items in your underwear, which do enjoy constitutional protections, even when in public. Any other area of your body is not considered “private” when you are in a public space. Spanish police cannot search their nether regions without a

order, so this is the best place to transport cannabis from one private place to another.

Can I smoke marijuana in public in Barcelona?
You cannot consume or publicly display marijuana in Barcelona. However, you should know that even if you are caught smoking marijuana in Barcelona in public, it is not a crime.

Whatever the case, you can feel reasonably safe to smoke marijuana in Barcelona if you follow this guide and remember the following points:

Don’t use cannabis around children or families.
Don’t use cannabis around the elderly.
Don’t be obvious about it – cover your joint, stay down, and suppress any excess coughing.
Always keep an eye out for the police
Dispose of your garbage such as cockroaches, blunt wrappers, etc., in the proper place
Do not try to sell or give away any weed you have in Barcelona
Don’t smoke in closed rooms.