What cannabis strains do they have at social clubs?

these are 3 marijuana categories that have different effects on the user’s body and mind.

Indica: native to India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, the plant adapted to the harsh climate of the Hindu Kush mountains and has higher levels of CBD and less THC. It provides full-body effects, such as relaxation and pain relief. Better consumed at night.
Sativa: the strain is usually found in hot climates like the one in Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia. Sativas are known for their “head high” and higher doses of THC, which leaves you energized and focused. Better used in the daytime.
Hybrid is a combination of indica and sativa that incorporates the effects of the two.

5 Wedding Cake or Pink Cookies

4 Sour Diesel or Sour D

3 Girl Scout Cookies or GSC

2 Blue Dream aka Azure Haze

1 Gelato or Larry Bird






Gorilla Glue

Northern Lights

Girl Scout Cookies



OG Kush

It seems like it is rather complicated, but in fact, it is much simpler than it first appears. Formalities like invitations, referral of existing members and club memberships are necessary measures to be in line with the strict requirements of the law.

In general, the process of acquiring marijuana in a club is the same kind of bargain as in the format of an Amsterdam coffee shop, except for one important difference. There is no concept of selling/buying, only in terms of willing membership contributions. Thus, here it’s awkward to use the word “buy”, instead say “get”, “have”, or “try”.

Joining the club, you pay a yearly membership fee, which is commonly 20€. If you’d like to get 1 gram of marijuana, an additional donation of 10-15€ for strains and up to 50€ for extracts and concentrates is needed.

Besides the wide space and relaxing atmosphere, the menu of most clubs always includes: sinsemilla (indica, sativa, hybrid), pre-rolls (joints, spliffs), hashish, different kinds of extracts/concentrates/wax, products for vape pens, different smoking gadgets and tools, all kinds of delicious marijuana edibles (cookies, gummy bears, lollipops, etc.), and many more.

Do clubs sell more than weed?
Each club is very different in terms of the types and quality of the products they carry. Before becoming a member of a club, you should ask any questions you have about the availability of certain products. Club stock changes frequently, and not all clubs have what you need. However, you can’t just call or email these clubs and ask about their inventory; They will only discuss this in person. Therefore, you should ask your questions during registration, before paying the membership fee. This way, if the club doesn’t have everything you want, you can decline membership.