What is the difference between a coffeeshop and a social club?

Cannabis social club, cannabis cafe, weed club or coffeeshop — such a variety of names can confuse. Before everything else, all the establishments provide cannabis products yet in different countries, states, and cities thus they differ a lot in the way they operate.

Cannabis Social Clubs are closed non-profit organizations in Spain that are only accessible to members and regulated by the authorities and government.

Coffee shops are places in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), where cannabis is openly sold in small amounts for personal use only. Though it’s open cannabis stores, there are some rules to mind: minors are not allowed (legal adults of 18 or 21 years old only); ID/passport is a must; it is permitted to come twice a day to the same coffeeshop; maximum 5 g of weed per day is allowed; alcohol, cigarettes, and hard drugs are forbidden.

Cannabis cafes are regulated locations in the USA, where adults of 21+ can openly consume cannabis products in a restaurant-style atmosphere. Herewith, it’s a blend of dispensaries (places to get weed by prescription) and restaurants, where guests can order food and consume marijuana (vape, smoke, eat, etc.) legally.

Weed clubs (or weed shops) is a slang expression used to define all the cannabis establishments in the cannabis culture that are described above in the article.