Welcome at the best cannabis social clubs in Barcelona

While Amsterdam had the reputation of being the ‘Cannabis capital of Europe’ for decades, the cannabis scene in Barcelona has slowly taken over that position.

Today, Barcelona hosts more than 200 Cannabis Social Clubs that contribute to a safe and responsible use of cannabis.

As you can imagine, becoming a member has some strings attached. To ensure the safe and responsible use of cannabis, social clubs are closely co-operating with their direct neighbourhoods and local law enforcement. Don’t simply ring their doors: they will reject you as a member and you might get blacklisted. Introduce yourself beforehand.

No matter if you live the cannabis lifestyle or are a novice smoker, we are happy to share our experience with you and guide you to the best club according to your personal taste. We have visited many clubs in person and work on a daily basis with many locals to prevent you to get caught in tourist traps. In contrast to many websites showcasing ‘the best’ social clubs in Barcelona, clubs do not advertise to be showcased in our overview.

Our personal selection of best clubs in town

What is a cannabis social club?

A cannabis social club is a non-profit private members club where one is allowed to consume and obtain cannabis freely. These Social Clubs are strictly regulated and licensed by the Spanish government. One can only become a member of such a Social Club if you are invited by at least one other member. On average the membership of a Social Club costs between 15€-40€ per year. Since these Social Club’s are considered as a communal space, they are not allowed to be called a coffeeshop. Yes you can buy weed inside the Cannabis Club but generally speaking it is considered your share of the Club.

How to become a cannabis social club member?

According to Spanish law, anyone older than 18 years is considered as a legal adult and may join a cannabis social club. However, most clubs require a minimum age of 21 years. So: state your age to save time. When you have an appointment at the club you desire to become a member of, expect a brief interview about your current cannabis use and a small instruction about consuming cannabis safely. Don’t forget to bring your ID. Each new member needs to show his or her valid ID at registration.

Map of all cannabis social clubs in Barcelona

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