Cannabis tourism in Barcelona

While the Barcelona city council possibly would not like to advertise the city as the weed capital of Europe, Barcelona probably is. At your average stroll through the city during a city trip or summer holiday, you will probably pass by tens of coffeeshops. However, by law, these coffeeshops (locally known as social clubs, or cannabis social clubs) may not present themselves as such on the streets.

Cannabis social clubs are private clubs where you can smoke a joint or enjoy THC containing edibles. Also tourists are allowed to join a cannabis club. You should however educate yourself on the rules of the Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona. When you want to enter, you must be introduced, fill in a membership registration and pay a fee. Most clubs will take foreign identifications (passport or driver’s license) as a valid certificate of identification. When contacting the club, it is important to indicate your nationality / residence to avoid a last minute setback.

How to become a member of a cannabis social club as a tourist?

  1. Browse through the largest directory of clubs on our website
  2. Contact us for an introduction and we will contact you with a proposal
  3. Go to the club with a valid ID and state the name who introduced you
  4. Fill out the registration form and pay the membership fee*
  5. Receive a club card and top up the card with an amount of choice
  6. Enjoy your stay! Play games, hang out, watch television..

* usually ranging between 15 and 30 euros

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