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Cannabis and gaming

It is no secret that many people that smoke, also enjoy playing games when they are high. What are the games you are into? Do you play board or video games? Who is a true chess master? Or what is your gaming console? PlayStation, XBOX, ..? Feel free to share your discord profiles too, on here.

What’s the best cannabis to game on?

Cannabis and music

Enjoying a big spliff while listening to some great tracks can be heaven. What’s on your playlist when being high and what makes you dance?

What tracks are on your playlist?

Cannabis and sex

For some, cannabis is a true sex enhancer, making one horny or augmenting the experience. What strains have best effect on you?

Which strains make you horny?

Cannabis recipes

The popularity of cannabis edibles is higher than ever! While space cake and gummy bears are possibly a routine for many cannabis consumers, here’s a safe spot to share your cannabis baking and cooking recipes.

Space cake or gummy bears?

Cannabis tourism

With so many countries and cities finally opening legalising the use of cannabis, cannabis tourism is hotter that ever. Share your best tips or advertise your own liberal spot.

Where to smoke weed?

Cannabis and art

Many fine artists enjoy their grams of weed while painting, drawing, or engaging in any other art form. Share here your creations and how cannabis fits in your artistic life.

What sparks your creativity?

Growing cannabis

Growing your own cannabis is fun and easy to start with. Share your best practices on how to germinate your cannabis seeds and maximise your plant’s yield.

How to grow cannabis?

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